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Book and Film - Ghost World

            Nearly every film is based upon a different written story world; however, the events, sequence of events and use of narrative discourse in a certain story may not resemble the resulting movie. The author of the story and the director of the movie have different thoughts and expectations; therefore, their works may be interpreted and understood differently. Manipulating the role of characters in the movie might be done to create diverse perspectives and analyses. Both the Ghost World graphic novel by Daniel Clowes and Ghost World movie by Terry Zwigofff were considered fantastic works and the majority of their audiences were inspired by them. Despite the fact that the movie adaptation of Ghost World is based on the graphic novel, there are various events and factors that affect the underlying concept of the story in both forms. One cannot understand the Director's intention for the changes made to the Ghost World novel unless they compare the changes made to the original written narrative. In this work, major differences between the novel and the movie will be discussed as well as providing interpretations and evidences for why these changes were made.
             First of all, consider the scene in which Enid and Rebecca first meet the waiter in the restaurant. When Allen introduces himself he says " Hi! my name is Allen" Enid's response was " Hi! Al" ( Clowes 39). If Allen wanted to be called Al he would definitely introduce himself as AL as opposed to Allen . In this scene Enid expresses ignorance towards Allen by using a shortened version of his name and seems to think she is superior to people who make a living as a waiter granted she is ignorant to his feelings. Rebecca's response is more impolite since she said " Can we call you weird Al?". It is obvious that Rebecca's audacity resulted from Enid's indecorous response because throughout the movie Rebecca never speaks cynically unless Enid does.

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