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Headlights by Eminem - Song Analysis

            "Headlights," is a song by American rapper Eminem, featuring Nate Ruess. In this song, Eminem apologizes to his mother, Debbie Mathers, for dissing her in some of his previous songs and for showing resentment and for disrespecting her in the past. Eminem has had a difficult relationship with his mother since childhood. He feels as if he has done wrong and composes this song for forgiveness from his mother.
             First, Eminem references to a few incidents from their bad relationship such as, "getting kicked out on Christmas Eve," and his younger brother Nathan being taken away from them at 8 years old, and put into foster care. Yet, he expresses regret because he has never let his mother be involved in her granddaughter's lives. He mentions that his mother wrongfully took most of the blame for his tough childhood and also gives her credit for raising him as a single parent. Also, he states that he cringes when he listens to the diss song he wrote to his mother, "Cleaning out My Closet," on the radio and no longer performs it at shows. Even though Eminem feels that he was rightfully angry, he never meant to take it too far.
             Second, he states he had once taken his first daughter to meet his mom, but when they arrived at their home, she was on her way out ready with her things packed inside her car. They introduced her to her granddaughter and then she drove off. He also mentions "As we pulled off to go our separate paths, and I saw your headlights as I looked back and I'm mad I didn't get the chance to thank you for being my mom and my dad" This shows that the title "Headlights" refers to their last meeting. As she drove away, he became fixated with feelings of "overwhelming sadness." So, at that time Eminem felt anger and disappointment but later in his life realizes that he never lost the love for his mother and states, "But, Ma, I forgive you, and so does Nathan, yo.

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