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The Thin Mint Cocaine Meme

             Girls from ages seven to twelve are walking about in their cute little green and white uniforms trying to sell you the best cookies you will ever eat. That's right! It's Girl Scout cookie season and nobody can resist. What makes these tasty little treats so addicting? Well, one rumor has it is that the cookies are laced with the addicting drug, crack cocaine. Seems ridiculous that a company would mix a drug into a product to make it sell or to make them taste good. Therefore, it makes you stop and think that there could be a possibility that a drug-like substance could be baked into one of those delicious cookies. .
             Around the year 2012, an image of the nutrition facts on a box of Thin Mints, a type of Girl Scout cookie, started circulating the internet. The reason this image got so much attention is because in the ingredients section of the nutrition label, crack cocaine was listed as one of the main ingredients. This image was circulating everywhere on the internet: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Buzzfeed, and snopes.com where I found the image and the story behind it. This meme caught my eye because Girl Scout cookies taste delicious and are very addicting, hence, why their could be a possibility that crack cocaine is baked into the cookies. Another reason it caught my eye is because baking drugs into a product doesn't seem like something the Girl Scout Organization would do with their type of reputation. But I wouldn't put it past companies in the near future to start putting drugs into their products. With marijuana being legalized in four states: Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska (State Marijuana Laws Map) now, soon you could see products on the selves that have pot in their ingredients section. I don't think it would ever get to a point where a company would use a highly addictive and dangerous drug, like cocaine, in their products. .
             When I first saw this meme I did not believe it because the image looked photoshopped and because baking crack into a cookie doesn't sound like something the Girl Scout organization would do.

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