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History and Rituals of the Aztecs

            Would you typically see a priest sacrificing a human to the gods right now? Do you always see tribal men leaving to conquer land for the emperor? Or does your town spend years growing crops on floating gardens? In the past, the Aztecs would experience this life usually. The Aztecs were a tribe of people who settled in central Mexico on an island in Lake Texcoco around the 14th century. Soon, they became powerful rulers of Mesoamerica and made great impacts on how the world is today. Since they lived long ago, we don't completely know about them. Based on theories and facts, nobody knows what history can conclude about the Aztecs. Though, the Aztecs created a stable economy, a strong religion, and a powerful political system of their time.
             During the people of the Aztecs' economic and successful domination, they have developed great accomplishments to maintain the perfect economy for muliple years. Chinampas, which are flat red mats covered in soil throughout the shallow areas of the lake, are one of the most famous Aztec inventions. Since the native people settled on a swampy island that had no ability to grow crops, they established chinampas. Accordingly to the Aztec's farming system,"Approximately twenty thousand acres of chinampas were constructed and the yield from them was high: four corn crops per year were possible." (Brady 275) Also, the Aztecs continued to make more achievements to make the best economy, like creating the many types of methods to modify the land to farm. While the emperor, Netzahualcoyotl, reigned the empire, he began to think of ways to increase the land usage, so he began to build terraces on hillsides. Furthermore, the Aztecs had many irrigation systems like stone aqueducts, from the Cuauhtitlan River, to water fields of crops or the chinampas. At the same time, Aztec pochteas, or merchants, helped the economy grow over time, producing a strong system of trading.

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