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Is Tv a Blessing or a Curse?

            Television now plays such an important role in so many people's lives that it is essential for us to decide whether it is a blessing or a curse.Obviosly, television has both - advantages & disadvantages. But do the former outweight the latter?.
             On the one hand, TV is a great force in the world, because it enriches intellect, informs & touches upon poignant & topical problems. It can be seen that TV is the most powerful means of spreading information, it gives publicity to various events, people, happenings,opens new horizons. What's more, TV makes people think & talk more as it gives ground for thought & much to our heart & mind. Besides, TV creates the effect of 'presence' even for those watchers, who are miles away. Furthermore TV provides family togetherness discussion, brings pleasure & amusement into homes, puts a joy for mood & in the same time, makes mind a reacher & fuller treasure house.
             On the other hand, many adults are worried that TV turns their offsprings into unimaginative 'couch-potatoes',TV-fanatics & blunts theirbrains. Some people think that TV stops kids reading & distracts them from spending pastime in the fresh air. Moreover, presentation of violence on the screen might lead young people to regard violence as acceptable behavior. TV is full of irksome commersials,which terrorize you about what would befall you if you didn't use the sponsors product,also it is full of blood-curdling & hair-raising moments. What's more, TV is a time-waster, which currupts not only kids, but also adults, as the routine of their lives is geared to the programmes. It turns them into non-readers & non-theatre-goers, kills conversation, in other words, it rules their life.
             To sum it up, we can't say, that TV is only evil. It is a mammouth thing which has both - advantages & disadvantages, & it's up to us how we use it. Because there are lots of good programmes, I think, on all you've got to do is be selective & act with a little bit of juggment.

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