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William Wordsworth's Poetry

            William Wordsworth was one of the strongest romantic poets in the English Language of his time. Born in April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, United Kingdom William Wordsworth was a poet of Sublime, of the transcending striving that is a vital part of the human legacy. After his mother's death in 1778 he was sent to Grammar school near Windermere, in 1778 he was able to work himself up to St. John's College, Cambridge and then to the University of Cambridge. William Wordsworth's father was a legal representative to James Lowther, 1st Earl of Lonsdale, an English politician and landowner. His father encouraged young William in his reading where as his mother taught him how to read. Some of his primary focus of literary work consisted of Mortality, Nature, and Humanity. His fascination with mortality shows up in his poetry, The Lucy Poems, for instance are a series of poems about a young girl who may or may not been a figment of Wordsworth imagination who ultimately dies. Nature was a primary role in his work as it fills two major roles in his poetry; nature often caused William Wordsworth to fell melancholy about the rest of humanity also nature gave him hope for the future because spending time here gave him a way to cope with the busy, dirty city. His last focus in his work was humanity in which he believed that as man moves further and further away from humanity he seems to be losing more and more of his soul, he was often forced to think about the people trapped in the cities, unable or unwilling to commute with nature. An example of his focus in humanity was in London in 1802 when he made a plea to the poet John Milton to return and teach humanity how to regain the morality and virtue it once had. In the year date of April 23 1850 at the age of 80 William Wordsworth died of an aggravated case of pleurisy in which the lining surrounding the lung inflames and when breathing the two inflamed lungs rub against each other causing sharp pain.

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