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Daffodils by William Wordsworth

            Nature has always been an unlimited source of inspiration for many poets. It would be an omission if William Wordsworth were not mentioned. To him, there is a mutual relationship between man and nature. He considered nature as a friend, a source of happiness or sometimes even a religion. This ideology and William Wordsworth's outstanding descriptive capability are to be shown clearly by analyzing the poem "Daffodils".
             William Wordsworth is arguably one of the greatest descriptive nature poets. Right at the beginning of the poem, the audiences are struck by the beautiful sight of the golden daffodils fluttering in the breeze. So brightly and effervescent were the scene that the author personalized the daffodils as dancers. But not only them had this favored treatment from the author, the waves sparkling under the sunshine were also humanized as dancers. However, the glee of the daffodils were overwhelmed and succeeded to blur away the waves' sparkles. More than that, the thousands of daffodils stretching all along the shore were also compared with the twinkle little stars shining on the Milky Way. With imagination and a keen observation, the author has successfully embroidered the outstanding golden daffodils in the whole picture.
             Notwithstanding, William Wordsworth not only merely described the nature but also reflected the reciprocal relationship between human and nature throughout the poem. Firstly, nature is idealized as a friend. At the beginning of the poem, the author begins in a melancholic mood. Instead of using "walk", the author said he was "wandering", which means walking around unintentionally. Moreover, the author compared per se with a cloud. Clouds usually float in bands together, but here there was only one cloud floating alone upon the sky. It can be seen that he was losing hope, pessimistic and lonely in the world of materialism. But suddenly, he spotted a "crowd" of golden daffodils freely fluttering and he was happy again.

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