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Transformation of one's state of mind by beholding natural

            In this poem William Wordsworth describes how nature - in this case flowers - may influence one's mood and state of mind. I see that influence as a positive one and I want to examine the nature transforming the speaker's mood in this paper.
             Starting the poem Wordsworth depicts himself as "wander[ing] lonely as a cloud", in this line the poet is represented as a lonely person - he is all alone there. By using a simile Wordsworth compares himself to a cloud - such comparison reinforces the feeling of loneliness because the cloud "floats on high o"er vales and hills". It is all alone high up in the sky, far away from other clouds; it doesn't have any defined direction - just floats on its own above the landscape. By creating such a sad scene Wordsworth makes us understand what the speaker feels. We may sense the melancholic mood that one gets into when detached from the whole world. I may assume that the person in the poem is far away from the unity of people; he feels lost and desolate wandering around. The vales and hills may also represent an implied metaphor for negative and positive moments in one's life. It could be understood either as the speaker traveling alone on his road of life, experiencing good or bad time and having nobody to share it with. The gloom of these lines starts vanishing when Wordsworth suddenly "[sees] a crowd, / [a] host, of golden daffodils". This image conveys the feeling of something new and positive going to happen. By choosing words like "crowd" and "host" the poet makes us see the oodles of the flowers that opened to his view. The adjective "golden" indicates the positive attitude of the speaker towards the scene: the daffodils aren't just yellow - they are golden as if they were shining.
             With the next line we are getting down from the sky to earth, as if the cloud enchanted by the view of the cumulus of flowers decided to examine them from close distance.

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