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The Sacred Arts of Life

            The simpler path of life often seems to be the most challenging one for many. In the midst of our individualistic culture we invariably experience deadlines, competition and distractions, all of which have the ability to leave us perplexed enough to blind us from the beaten path we are on. .
             Thomas Moore's The sacred arts of life, invites us on a journey to a place hidden by fast paced, ego driven society, and exposes us to a practical, leisure way of life which he proposes will reanimate the imagination and mystery that each of us seek in our daily lives. Moore himself, spent 12 years in a catholic order as a monk and studied music and philosophy. He earned his Ph.D in religious studies, and later became a psychotherapist. The sacred Arts of life is a representation of Moore's unending spiritual quest, exposing the little growth and transcendence he gained from the institutional religion and it's collective, communal idea of what is sacred. Moore's greatest hope is that we begin to discover our own natural religion by finding the soul in unassuming objects and practices, which in turn, will enhance the soul in each of ourselves. .
             A persistent tapping on the shoulder, so to speak, has been felt in all of our minds at some point. This force, invisible to the material world, has the ability to make itself known, when we feel something is off, missing, or almost forgotten. The root of our deepest problems and detachment from life, stem from our soul which has been neglected. To explore this further, we must have a foundational idea of the soul. Moore describes this as, "A quality or dimension of experiencing life and ourselves. It has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart and personal substance." The idea behind strengthening of this immortal aspect of ourselves requires that we assimilate the small practical things. When we focus our attention and begin to open ourselves up to the overlooked intricate details, we can be then be mesmerized in the pursuit of tranquility.

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