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Women In Aztec Society

             In the Aztec society women were fated to a domestic life. Young girls were raised from birth to learn the domestic arts, such as weaving. Weaving was a sacred female art. Weavers that could produce the best designs enjoyed high praise from her community. .
             Another important part of a woman's life was her house. Women were responsible for keeping the household shrine as well as the rest of the house clean. .
             In Aztec society, marriage represented social maturity. Marriages were arranged to benefit both families. The woman's destiny was to be married and take care of her house. .
             Pregnancy was a celebrated occasion warranting elaborate feasts and celebrations. Midwifes had great respect from the community because child bearing was a social duty and a sacred act. There were high regards to all female doctors and herbalists. .
             Women, with a few exceptions, took no part in public affairs. Only a few women were able become successful in market trading and gain independence. Women in all social classes played important roles in Aztec society. .
             Women in Inca Society.
             Girls went to special schools where they learned to weave. Like the Aztecs, weaving was a very important female art. Women worked in the fields, especially at harvest time. Inca women followed the traditional roles of making the clothing and preparing the food. .
             Pregnancy and childbirth were different for the Incas than for the Aztecs. Pregnant women prayed during their pregnancies to gods. During pregnancy, the Inca women did not stop their hard work like the Aztec women did. They kept working throughout the pregnancy and practically had the baby in the field as they worked. Premature birth was considered a great calamity that they tried to avoid by having magicians perform certain ceremonies. After the birth, the father had to fast and stay with his wife and newborn child to frighten away evil spirits. The father remaining with his wife and child to protect them was not a common occurrence in the other societies.

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