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Freedom to Be Ourselves

             If you look up the definition of freedom it defines many things that I believe in. The word freedom is an umbrella that covers many aspects of life. It showers me with many emotions that I feel strongly about. We as human beings deserve the freedom to choose. The freedom of choice is a broad subject so I will be basing my feelings and opinion for this subject of what I have experienced. Everyone is entitled to have the freedom to choose ones path in life, make decisions and to express who they are. .
             I'm very privileged to have the freedom of choice in the country I live in. When I have traveled abroad I have witnessed first hand that not all individuals have freedom. Whether it be, the choice of a career, the way you dress, the way you speak, or the way you live, if you do not have freedom, you are limiting your potential as a human being and not be able to explore your interests and live the way you would like to choose. How did I formulate such strong opinions of freedom at the age off 22? It's been due to the exposure that my parents have enlightened me that not everyone lives free. From a very young age my family exposed me to traveling internationally, mostly to the roots of my heritage. I believe every culture has a different view of freedom and how they are affected by it. Recently I visited my Grandmothers village on the main land of Greece, it was very depressing to me, although it opened my eyes to the lack of freedom taking place. We were there for just under 48 hours and I can count on one had how many women I saw outside of their homes. It was clear to me that the women in the village lived to clean, cook, and be submissive. Their lives didn't really exist outside of the home. This still exists currently in some areas of Greece and many other places in the world. When I have traveled in countries where woman have not been allowed to have freedom, I see oppression, it saddens me to see this.

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