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Living with Roommates

            In my experiences, living with roommates has been both good and bad. Going into freshman year of college I didn't know what to expect with living with someone I did not know. After all I have only lived with my family and had my own room for almost 19 years. My hopes were that I would have a few things in common with him like being a tidy person, sleeping in a cool, quiet room, and that overall we both could respect our differences. In that first year my hopes for a good roommate became a reality. Neither of us watched much television so our homework and sleeping patterns weren't affected by constant noise and flashing lights. We took to splitting the room in half, though neither one of us claimed one half or the other and we kept our side cleaned up and free of clothes and trash. We both just understood each other and figured out what annoyed us without ever really talking about it. I had a very good experience living with someone I did not know for the first time and we had a good time rooming with each other.
             Going into my sophomore year I had a good feeling about getting a new roommate, or in this case, roommates. Once again I hoped that I was going to have clean, quiet, respecting roommates. Turns out this year is not going as well as anticipated. These guys like to take naps all day, so I feel like I have to be respectable enough and let them sleep. But then when midnight comes around and I want to get some sleep, this is the time they feel like starting a movie and turning the volume up or putting some music on the speakers. They don't understand the whole concept of respect others if you want to be respected. Another thing I was hoping we would get along with is keeping the room clean. At first it started out alright, we all pitched in cleaning up our mess, but then they started getting lazy and leaving their trash lay all over the room. Now it seems that they will wait a month or so before they start cleaning up, or wait until I get tired of it being a mess and clean it up myself.

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