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With Honors

            The movie "With Honors" takes you through the lives of four Harvard College .
             students each with their own special goals, weaknesses, and fears in life in which they wish to overcome. The main character Monty "a.k.a. as "Harvard" has a very specific goal in his graduating from the college. He thrived on graduating with honors from college with his degree in government. He befriends a person most would consider to be a bum or homeless person living in the basement of the Harvard Library. He has Monty's lost thesis that he has worked at for over a year, the homeless man has this most important paper and he exchanges it a page a day for food or living conditions. During many conversations with the homeless man Monty turned his thoughts around along with his roommates. Over the months of living with these students the homeless man touched each and every one in a special way and made them see themselves for what they are and what they could achieve in life. He made them realize that a piece of paper or graduating "With Honors" is not what life is all about. During his time with the students he not only touched their minds he touched their hearts. He made them see that to look at a person's appearance does not mean they do not have feelings, a past or a mind to share. He taught them that to have a piece of paper saying you achieved "High Honors" means nothing without knowing how a person cares or feels for others no matter what, is the highest honor you can achieve in life. To give of yourself to others without any expectations in return is the highest honor you can give of yourself and to others. To read someone's obituary and to read all of their achievements are unimportant it is the lives of the people you touched that are so very important. High Honor is what you feel for others and how you treat them. There is a lot more to life than accolades it is how many friends you can count on your hand that proves your true self worth.

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