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The Walmart You Don't Know

            In the article, "The Walmart You Don't Know" by Charles Fishman tries to show how American Walmart's get their products and are still able to sell it for low prices. Even though Walmart is the biggest convenience store people argue that Walmart get product sold in stores from outside of the country. Walmart got away from the way it used to make its own product to having other countries do it for them. Walmart is getting away with selling items such as Vlasic Pickles and making themselves richer from outside help and it shouldn't be that way. In the article Fishman executed the perfect scare tactic to terrify American consumers. Fishman starts off catching the audience's attention by talking about the gallon size of pickles and how they are able to sell them for less than the original price. Creators of Vlasic pickles Frank Vlasic was upset that Walmart was selling them at such low prices it was like they were just giving them away.
             It talks about bow Walmart is not just the world's largest retailer it is also the biggest company, bigger than general motors and general electric. Walmart also makes up to $244.5 million dollars in sales for their goods in just one year. Walmart holds on to such power because it brings the lowest possible prices to its customers.
             This article is persuasive because it gives the reader something they would have to hold on too while reading about the store that has everything. Other ways is that Mr. Fishman gives two sides one of them states that how is it bad that Walmart is getting most of their products to come into the United States so cheaply. The other coming from producer like Vlasic pickles wanting and begging Walmart to sell it is items at their original prices.
             Fishman language in the article makes it easy to get though and comprehend due to his knowledge on the past workers and manufacturers. Mr. Fishman spent most of the article demonizing Walmart being able to force companies into changing their way of doing business.

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