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Dramatic Irony in Romeo and Juliet

            Act 1 scene 5 in Romeo & Juliet shows lots of different moods, themes and events. This scene is also the scene in which Romeo first meet Juliet. This scene is split into six main events. It holds the audiences attention with its constant change of pace and tone. The scene starts off by showing the servants rushing and preparing for the party. Shakespeare gives them a funny name such as 'Potpan' and 'Grindstone' which is used to create slapstick comedy. In this event, the pace was fast and the mood was happy. This tells the audience that this is a happy and fun party.
             The second event in the scene was during the time before the party starts and Lord Capulet's welcoming his guests. This is also in a happy mood with a quite fast pace. The phrase 'Welcome, gentleman' shows that he is the host of the party and he is in charge of the party. In this phrase 'a hall, a hall, give room and foot it', he shows his power by encouraging everyone to be involved in the party. This tells the audience this is a happy event in the play. However, we are still worried because we know Romeo will get into trouble if he goes to the party.
             Then the third event started, which is the first time Romeo sees Juliet. Shakespeare gives Romeo a soliloquy. In the soliloquy, the phrase 'a snowy dove trooping with crows' shows a big contrast between Juliet and other girls in the party. He described Juliet as a snowy dove which is beautiful and loved by everyone, and the other girls as black crows which are ugly and hated by everyone. This shows how Juliet stand out to Romeo. This event was showed in a slow pace with romance as theme, the audience are also aware that it is love a first sight for Romeo.
             The forth event happened after Romeo spots Juliet. Tybalt, who was the cousin of Juliet and nephew of Lord Capulet's sees Romeo. This event shows in a little bit fast pace and in the mood of anger.

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