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Romeo and Juliet

             Discuss the ways in which Shakespeare creates dramatic tension based around the transformation of Juliet's character.
             'Romeo and Juliet' is one of Shakespeare's famous love tragedies written during the Elizabethan times. Throughout the play Shakespeare creates dramatic tension by portraying a transformation in Juliet's character. Shakespeare uses the Elizabethan times and society to help him do this. He also uses the feud between the two families to create dramatic tension.
             As the play progress Shakespeare shows the change of a beautiful, innocent, obedient young girl into a mature disobedient, strong-willed young woman. This is so dramatic because the whole transformation takes place over a five-day period. This dramatic change in Juliet's character may leave the audience wondering about some aspects of the play:.
             'Was Juliet a victim of the feud?'.
             'Was Juliet a victim of the times and society.
             she lived in?'.
             'Was Juliet a victim of her own impulsive nature?'.
             I will explore these aspects during this essay and the way in which Shakespeare creates dramatic tension around the transformation of Juliet's character.
             The first time we meet Juliet, Shakespeare presents Juliet as a very obedient young girl who is constantly trying to obey and please her mother:.
             'Madam, I am here, what is your will?'.
             The role of Lady Capulet is not that of a stereotypical mother. Usually it is the mother who goes out of her way to do everything for her children but Lady Capulet's relationship with Juliet is the complete opposite. It is Juliet who is serving her mother. If we did not know that Juliet and Lady Capulet were mother and daughter from previous lines, we could get the impression that Juliet is Lady Capulet's servant. Normally we would expect a girl to call her mother 'mother' or 'mum'. However Juliet calls her mother 'madam'. This suggests that Juliet sees her more of a master, a keeper more than a mother. Juliet does not seem to mind this and she goes along being an obedient innocent young girl.

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