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Gilgamesh and Achilles

            What is a hero? Over time the word Hero has changed. In the time of Gilgamesh and Achilles, heroes were those who could fight a good battle, who had super strength and were able to win wars. Today, a hero can be a person who isn't divine, a strong warrior, or one that poses superhuman powers. Today, many people would say a Hero is a person who saves someone's life, is courage's, inspires others. My hero would be my father, who has always been strong, courage's, and so brave. He's my hero, because he's someone who has always risen to any challenge life ever gave him. A hero is someone who can overcome trials and difficulties throughout their journey. He came from a 3rd world country without knowing the language, having nothing more than 100 dollars in his pocket, risked it all so he's family can have a better life then he did. In he's journey came fear, trials, misfortunes and achieving goals. And he was able to overcome it all, with a strong will to fight for us and make life better, he did just that. Gilgamesh and Achilles are considered two of the greatest hero's that have taken a Hero's journey. These epic stories Gilgamesh from the "Epic of Gilgamesh", and Achilles from "Homer's Iliad" transpired in two different eras, their lives both had a surprising number of common points. But of course, just like with every hero there always comes differences, in the way they lived and the ideals they believed in.
             In this essay we are to compare Gilgamesh with Achilles as characters. Achilles, is known as the greatest and fastest hero on the Greek side during the Trojan War, and is also the subject of Homer's great epic poem about the Trojan War, the Iliad. Like Gilgamesh, Achilles also suffered a great loss in his life, he lost his friend Patroclus. One of the most important similarities and difference that we know about Gilgamesh and Achilles is divinity. They're both the sons of divine mothers.

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