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Marketing Culver-Stockton College

             Higher education grows to be more competitive concerning a myriad of facets. Internally the higher educational institutions must manage cost, at the same time there is a consistent urge in specialization and communication of a message of excellence to the external market. Students are faced with a variety of higher educational institutions more than before. A sound marketing strategy and adoption of strategic measures, therefore, affects directly the chance of success of a higher institution of learning. The marketing strategy of a higher institution of learning should encompass various domains of the institutions inclusive of student retention and satisfaction studies, branding market analysis, students need assessment, curriculum planning, and course feasibility, and market analysis, the economic provision of the workforce and employment and lastly campus planning. This marketing plan aims to strengthen the reputation of CSC and enhance its visibility. This will also encourage the alumni, friends, donors, parents, students, prospective students, faculty, and department staff to cherish the association they have with Culver Stockton College. This marketing plan will also inspire those who are most directly attached to this institution to note is its reputation for academics and its contributions to the region and the beyond .
             Marketing Project Mission Statement.
             The following statement is the foundation upon which much of the marketing plan will be built:.
             Mission Statement: To develop a wholesome person through scholarship, integrity, and participation in regard to the Culver-Stockton College mission and vision statement. The Market Niche: Liberal Arts. The community forms an essential part of CSC. The Culver Stockton College affirms the diversity, emphasization of unity and acceptance rather than embracing judgment and rejection. Culver-Stockton College is a college that claim the common good and aspires to build a healthy environment for learning where person nature and balance both the physical and intellectual, and their spiritual components enhancing commitments and responsibility.

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