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A Rose for Emily - Emily Grierson

            Historically, women have been described as moral teachers. In literature, women have been presented as ornaments, prostitutes, sexual promiscuous kinds of characters, and mad creatures with irrational thinking. An example of how women have presented can be observed in William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily." In this piece of literature, there isn't a mere conflict between the new generation and the old generation, or between the female gender and the male gender. More importantly, there is a conflict involving the patriarchy town, where women conform to men and men handle all duties in the household. In addition, the women, specifically the protagonist Emily, are portrayed as passive, weak, psychologically ill, and gossipers. Furthermore, Emily's behavior was never questioned, which allowed her to get away with an ultimate crime. .
             First of all, the protagonist, Emily Grierson was sheltered and protected by her father. In other words, Emily's father handled her finances, manly duties around the house, and also kept suitors at bay. For instance, there was a scene in which the town remembered the Griersons as a tableau. In this vivid display, Emily stood in the back, wearing white, while her father stood in front "clutching a horsewhip" (369). This picture sent the message that her father was the sole protector and male figure in her life. Another instance that Emily's father took care of everything includes the fact that their residence "had once been white, decorated with cupolas and spiresand set on what had once been our most select street", but now it was "an eyesore among eyesores" (367). In other words, Mr. Grierson kept the house in good shape, but once he departed, the house looked as if it was decaying and hanging on its last limb. As a result of being protected and sheltered, Emily remained single throughout the rest of her life.
             According to the text, Emily's father died in about 1894, leaving Colonel Sartoris, the mayor as the male figure in her life.

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