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A Rose for Emily

             Hanging on to the past sometimes causes people to miss the present. This seems to become a problem for Emily Grierson in "A Rose for Emily." Beginning with her father's death, all the way to the tragic ending of the story, this theme seems pretty consistent. Many facts throughout this short story help to support William Faulkner's attempt in getting Emily's issues across. .
             This short story begins at Emily Grierson's funeral. We are informed that the whole town of Jefferson is attending. The men came to show "respectful affection for a fallen monument," while women just showed up "out of curiosity to see the inside of her house," (242). This is ironic because Miss. Emily had not confronted an individual, other than "the old Negro," in almost ten years (242). It was not out of desire that the townspeople attended; it was because "Miss. Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care," (242). .
             Faulkner tells an overview of Emily Grierson's life, and lets the reader know a little more about Miss. Emily. After a notice and a couple of reminders, Miss. Emily is informed that she is to pay her taxes or else the mayor will send his people. After ignoring the plea of the government, Emily receives some unexpected visitors. As the guests enter the "once white, (and) decorated," we are lead into a house full of "dust and disuse," (242). The gentlemen stood as "a small, fat woman in black" entered the .
             room (242). She let them know that she had "no taxes in Jefferson," which was a tale that she had remembered from old friend of her father (243). This confrontation was the first sign that pointed out some form of lunacy to the people of Jefferson. .
             The next way that Faulkner shows Emily's grip on the past is when her father passes away. Emily has a hard time letting go of someone that she had not only part of her life, but also all of her life. When people in the town came by to visit the day after he died, "Miss.

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