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Rose for Emily

             "A Rose for Emily" has all the ingredients of an interesting story which makes it so special. While writing "A Rose for Emily," Faulkner decided to use flashbacks in time to foreshadow the surprising ending. This story has all the conflicts of a lonely human being facing the old south and new north. Throughout the story Emily faces love and the changing times of the United States. Faulkner does a great job in leaving a lot of unanswered questions up to the reader to answer at the end of the story. There is no doubt that the ending of the story will leave your imagination in awe. Emily's thought of being left alone, like when her dad died, is a crucial idea that builds up to the ending of the story.
             The setting for "A Rose for Emily" was set in a small post civil war town that has not yet adjusted to the progress of the war. Jefferson was a small southern town that was filled with southern hospitality and full of southern gossip. The normal person was a strong church going individual that was very friendly. Anyone who didn't attend church or socialize with everyone would be classified as an outcast. The town was self ruled by themselves and their class of people.
             Emily's father was very secure and close to Emily. He would put fear in the eye of any boy who ever even thought of dating her. Her father died when she was at a young age and Emily took it hard. Even though he had mistreated Emily, he was the only person to ever be there for her. At first Emily refused to accept her father's death. The whole town thought that she was going crazy. "For three days she had denied her father's death" to the town. Just as the law was about to investigate, she buried her dad. "After her father's death Emily went out hardly at all.".
             Homer and Emily's relationship was mysterious in itself. Emily was raised in the south and Homer was raised in the north. For a southern girl to date a Yankee was unheard of in the town of Jefferson.

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