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a rose for emily

             "A Rose for Emily" takes place in the post Civil War era. Emily lived with her father before he diede in a large house. She was controlled by her father who decided who she dated. They were well known by the townspeople. Emily had a query with the townspeople over the payment of taxes she was supposed to make. She said that Colonel Sartoris promised to her that she was exempt from paying taxes due to her aristocratic father who apparently loaned money to the town in the past. As time went on and a new generation came into power in town, they demanded Emily to pay taxes. When a group of townspeople showed up at her house, she told them she is not paying taxes and to see Colonel Sartoris, who had been dead for some time. .
             After the death of her father and the abandonment of her sweetheart, Emily rarely left her house or socialized. This behavior went on until she met Homer Baron, who was in Jefferson to do work. Emily eventually fell in love with Homer and spent a great deal of time with him. She spent a large amount of money on him, buying him lavish gifts, such as a toilet seat with H. B. on it. She wished to wed Homer but he was not the marrying type. Emily feared being alone. It might be interpreted that when her controlling father died, she felt freedom and happiness. I believe this was not the case. I think that because of her past with her father, she was dependent on having a man. .
             Emily went to the drug store and asked for the best poison they had. She picked out arsenic. When the pharmacist asked her what the poison was for, Emily did not answer. She just stared at the man until he retrieved the poison for her. This was due to her social status and the fact that her family name was looked up to by the community. After this Emily was rarely seen and hardly left her house. Homer was never seen again. Her fugure became rouind and unattractive and her hair grew gray.

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