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A Rose for Emily

             A life of increasing Dementia in William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily".
             A compelling story of a young woman's life by William Faulkner in a "A Rose for .
             Emily". Miss Emily Grierson is referred to as the towns "fallen Monument" (557), she is .
             a "monument" (557) because she is an example of southern pride for her manners, style .
             and grace, but fallen because shows herself susceptible to death and decay. William .
             Falkner uses setting, foreshadowing and characterization of Emily to trace Miss Emily's .
             increasing dementia.
             To begin, the setting of Emily's increasing dementia will mirror the ante-bellum .
             period and the gothic house. "A Rose for Emily"(557) tells the tale of a .
             young woman who lives and abides by her father's strict rational. The descriptions of the .
             decaying house coincide with Miss Emily's physical and emotional decay. Miss Emily's .
             decaying house, not only lacks genuine love and care, but so douse she in her adult life .
             and also during her childhood. As an example, the house is situated in what was once a .
             prominent neighborhood. Originally the house was white and on a "select street" (557), .
             through lack of attention, the house has deteriorated from a beautiful estate, to an ugly .
             desolate shack. .
             Faulkner uses foreshadowing to hint the outcome of the story to the reader. When the .
             only person in Emily's life passes on, she stood in denial and refuses condolences and aid .
             Robertson 2.
             to bury her father for three days. As Emily and Homers courtship continue, the ladies of .
             the town felt she was not setting a good example for the "young people" (560), the .
             situation is becoming a "disgrace to the town"(560).

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