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My Family and Politics

            As bad as it sounds, seeing as this is a paper for AP Government, politics have not and do not concern me. Ever since I became of age where I could identify what the president's job was, I never really saw the difference between all the political parties. Since I've never really payed attention, I've really just felt like there are a few issues that we all want to solve within the U.S., and all the disputes, silly arguments over sly remarks, dress codes and such, are very irrelevant. I do believe that politics are important to those of higher authority in the government, and it is imperative that they are prevalent, so I much rather pay attention to more of the more significant problems that occur or that have occurred in the world. Of course I have my views on the way things need to be ran and governed but so does everyone else in the world, whether they are politically intelligent or not, and honestly, I feel like my views and opinions are irrelevant to what is really going on because there is a reason why my parents or anyone in my household or family is an influential politician.Throughout my life, I've always considered myself a Democrat. The reason being, I believe that Democrats are to believe that all people should be able to pursue their goals to spite their religion, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation . My entire family consists of Democrats. They believe that the Democratic party is "for the people" so there are no arguments when discussing politics at family events, unless someone brings up something they don't know about and try to elaborate on it. Something like "Obama Care", which will indefinitely trigger a "shut yo ass up! you don't even have a clue" response out of one of them. "Republicans don't care about black people, and neither does any other party for that matter" is basically how they feel about the opposing parties.

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