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Advantages/Disadvantages of Organic Foods

             Nowadays, many people have interested in organic products. "Organic products" are the food produced without chemical pesticides and fertilizers and labeled organically by meeting the standards from USDA. This research paper shows that organically grown food does not have more advantages than non-organic food grown in a conventional way. .
             Organic food contains fewer pesticide residues than non-organic food. However, it is not 100 percent free of pesticides and threatened by dangerous bacteria like E. coli. Next, organic food is not more nutritious than conventional food because studies show there is little nutritious difference between them. Also, organic food does not have better impact for the environment than conventional food does since too much spending on land use causes "widespread deforestation and biodiversity loss" (Journal Nature), which are truly harmful for the environment. Moreover, "Better taste" is also not an appropriate reason to eat organic food since taste is too subjective to be determined. Therefore, it is not worth to spend extra money on expensive organic products. In conclusion, organic food does not have more advantages than non-organic food.
             I. Introduction with thesis statement.
             II. Definition: What qualifies as organic food?.
             III. Background: How did the organic movement start?.
             IV. Argument (organic food vs. conventional food).
             A. Safety.
             1. Organic farming uses certain amount of pesticides.
             2. Manure fertilizer increases the risk of bacterial contamination.
             3. Is organic food safer than conventional food?.
             B. Nutrition.
             1. Nutrients in organic food.
             2. Nutrients in conventional food.
             3. Is organic food more nutritious than conventional food?.
             C. Environmental impact.
             1. Environment impacts of organic food.
             2. Environment impacts of conventional food.
             3. Is buying organic better for the environment than conventional food?.
             D. Taste.
             1. Compare the taste of organic food and conventional food.

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