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Breastfeeding Case Study

            LZ is a 28 years old female, who is 165cm high and weight 70kg. She has become a mom for 8 months and still on breastfeeding. Based on requesting, she recorded her three days food journal of May 17, May 19, and May 20, which were two weekdays and one weekend. During these three days, when she finished her meal, she texted me what exactly she ate through an app named "We Chat", including water, beverage and source and so on. We also talked lots of food details through "We Chat" like FaceTime because she went back to China at that time. When she got pregnant and gave birth to her son, she stayed in the US as usual. Typically, she ate lots of Chinese homemade food. In Chinese traditional culture, women will ingest large quantity of pig's feet soup and fish soup during breastfeeding. Therefore, it was so hard to find the food item to match her meal through My Plate. In order to get more accurate analysis, I divided her single meal to several food items, and then I chose the most closely one to create her food tracker. Following is three days diet analysis based on the My Plate recommendation.
             In three days,the average calories intake of LZ was 1899 calories, which didn't meet the recommendation of 2000 calories.For carbohydrate, LZ consumed 211g on average of three days, but the recommendation intake is 225g to 325g per day or 45% -65% of total calories, based on 2000 calories total intake. She didn't meet the recommendation intake on May 19, but she consumed adequate carbohydrate fort the other two days. For protein, the recommendation intake is 10% -35% of total calories or 50g to 175g per day. LZ's average protein intake of three days was 104g which met the recommendation, and the intake of protein for each individual day was also adequate. For fat, the recommendation intake is 25%-30% of total calories or 44g to 67g per day. The average fat intake of LZ in three days was 34%, which still in range.

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