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The Importance and Power of Money

            What is money? What are things that money can buy? When people talk about money, they usually believe that money can buy everything they want. They say that they can use money to buy what they need like: clothes, food, study materials, furniture, jewelry, houses, and so on. Some people say that they can have happiness in the family when they much money and money can provide them reputation. Some people say that money is their best friend, their power. For those people, money is everything in their lives. However, I personally believe that money cannot buy everything at all.
             Love is the common thing in life that money cannot buy. Money cannot buy love because it has to be earned by heart not by money, especially, love between a couple, parents to children, children to their parents, brothers to sisters, friends to friends, person to his nation. Money may help us meet many people in society, but it does not mean that it can buy love or friendship from those people for us. Somehow they can be close to us but it does not mean that they have the real relationship or the real friendship with us. They can get along with us because of money, they think they can get the benefits from us and they try to be close to us. But when we have no money, they may run away from us because they cannot get the benefits anymore. Moreover, having happiness happen to the family by love and understanding between family members, it will be still forever. But the happiness happen by paying money, it will be ended some day in future after losing money. However, head of family can earn much money to support the family, but that money will not be able to buy peace of mind. It cannot heal the ruptured relationship, or broken friendship. Love, relationship, friendship and happiness are the invaluable and invariable things that money cannot buy.
             Life has many common things that money cannot buy. In our life, we need many things, which money cannot buy, like: education, healthy, reputation, and including a life that we have.

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