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The Importance of Money in The

            The Importance of Money in The Great Gatsby .
             In "The Great Gatsby" money is one of the most important things in the world. In the beginning there was Daisy Buchanan who got to know a military man by the name of Jay Gatsby. These two spent a lot of time together and grew to love each other despite the fact that Gatsby was poor. However, there came a time when Gatsby had to go to war and left Daisy at home. He continued to write to her and asked her to wait for him until he returned. She agreed at first , but along came a rich man by the name of Tom Buchanan and began having relations with Daisy. She didn't really love Tom but he had money and power so as any girl in the 1920's would do she married him for his wealth. Her one true love was Gatsby but he was away and didn't have any money so she wouldn't marry him just out of love. .
             Gatsby returned from the war and acquired a new occupation that would make him big money and quick. He entered the mob business which took care of his finances but got him rapped up in a lifetime warranty with the mob. After he built up a large sum of money he began throwing huge parties all of the time. He new that by doing this he could show off his money. Most of the people that showed up were not even invited but they were pretty much open parties anyway. Gatsby hoped that one day when he threw one of his large parties that Daisy would come and he would once see her again. .
             Knowing that his neighbor Nick was Daisy's cousin he invited Nick to his party one evening. After a while he invited Nick to come to lunch with him. Picking up Nick in his biggest, best, and most expensive car Gatsby told Nick about his so called "child hood". He wanted Nick to know how rich he was and where he got his money so that he could go and tell Daisy all about it. Gatsby also arranged for he and Daisy to be invited to Nick's house one afternoon. After meeting her there they talked for a short while and it ended up with the three of them going to Gatsby's house.

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