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African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement

            Ever since the beginning of slavery, African Americans would sing praises and .
             encouragement while working in the fields. During the Civil Rights Movement many black artist and old Negro Spiritual songs became extremely popular during marches. One song that was sung a lot during the Civil Rights Movement was The Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice And Sing by James Weldon Johnson. Many African Americans sang this song to show patriotism and hope for the future considering the fact that they were dealing with racism. There was a lot of symbolism within these lyrics, which allowed African Americans to speak subtly against racial injustice. These civil rights songs sparked inspiration and hope for a generation. In 1939, renowned artist Augusta Savage received a commission from the World's Fair to create a 16-foot plaster sculpture and she called it, Lift Every Voice and Sing. With no funds to preserve the sculpture or cast it in bronze, the figure was destroyed by bulldozers at the close of the fair.(Bearden, 1993).
             The begin of imbalance for Africans in this nation retreats to servitude. Subjection in America started when the first African slaves were brought to the North American settlement of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to support in the generation of such lucrative yields as tobacco. The first African slaves landed in the New World in the 1620s. What numerous individuals ask is to what extent did servitude exist in North America, it was canceled in 1865. Subtract 1620 from 1865 you will understand that subjugation existed in North America for 245 years. Pretty nearly 11 to 16 million slaves were brought to the Americas originating from a few piece of Africa. Counting 500,000 to what is presently the United States.

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