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Words Cut Deep

            It all started off with three words: "I hate you." These words were said to an old friend of mine by his mother. This friend was several years older than I and that was not the first time he was psychologically abused. He was constantly mistreated by his own flesh and blood which lead to a horrible childhood, miserable adulthood and a terrible relationship with his mother. It is sad to say that he does not have a promising future all because of the way he was treated. If he were to be physically abused instead of psychologically, he could have gotten better over time, but with psychological abuse, it can be very hard to get past the "I hate you", "you are nothing", and the "I never wanted you.".
             Emotional and verbal abuse are forms of In many cases, psychological abuse can be more traumatic than physical abuse. Bruises, cuts, and broken bones can heal, but verbal abuse can lead to many future psychological problems. Not everyone recognizes all of the pain an individual goes through when being psychologically abused. Since there is no evidence in psychological abuse, it is not really taken as seriously as physical abuse. However, it is just as serious and in some cases maybe even more harmful than physically hurting someone. Sometimes, it is not what one does, but what one says that changes a life forever. Just by calling someone "stupid" could make said person actually feel stupid. Psychological abuse can lead to the downfall of some intelligent individuals who could have served a great purpose. Not only is psychological abuse affecting children, it is also affecting adults. Psychological abuse is equal or more severe to children than physical abuse and should be taken more seriously because it has the capability affects one's future, .
             Psychological abuse is never taken seriously. One thinks that words could not harm someone; this is not true. In this generation, psychological abuse is the biggest problem to me.

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