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Hector and Achilles - Contrasting Heroes

             Hector and Achilles as Contrasting Heroes.
             In the Iliad, Hector and Achilles are similar in many ways, such as both being phenomenal war heroes, but they also differ substantially. While they are both soldiers, they aren't fighting for the same reasons. Hector, is a family man, who fights to protect his land and the honor of his family. Whereas, Achilles fights only for himself and his own needs. They both believe they will die as warriors in battle, but still see the war very differently. Hector is heroic in his departure for war but fears what will happen to his wife and son if his predicted fate holds true, this is his humanistic side. .
             We see them differ for example in book 22, where they use different heroic behaviors. Hector stays outside the city even when all of the other soldiers retreat from the Greeks. Priam, Hector's father, advises Hector to go to safety with the other soldiers, but Hector refuses. He doesn't back down, to protect his pride and honor. However, Hector flees from Achillhttp://sixrevisions.com/graphics-design/35-basic-tutorials-to-get-you-started-with-photoshop/es, which is a very human reaction, and is unexpected from a hero such as Hector. This illustrates a common conflict among heroic characters; the internal contest between having what it takes to be a hero, and the human instincts that sometimes present clashing impulses to that heroic standard. .
             Hector and Achilles respond in a different way to this conflict. Hector decides to act on his human impulses, thus runs from Achilles, who instantly gives chase. After Athena disguises herself to look like hectors friend, he decides to stop running, and fight instead, because he thinks his friend can help him fight Achilles. Once Achilles catches up, the friend disappears. This illustrates one of the biggest contradictions between a warrior's heroic code and the warrior's human side. Achilles, mad and vengeful, kills Hector in a way that is unnecessarily cruel and barbaric.

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