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Emergent Literacy Activities for Young Children

            Early childhood education has been becoming more challenging for many students, parents, and teachers. Now days we want to enroll our kids in a school that has programs that will make our kids be more advance in many ways and literacy is one of the main objectives that are challenge in many young children. When I saw this article it caught up mu attention right away and decided to read it and write about it. Many young children are very excited to go to school and have "fun", in which the student does not know that their "play time" is still including learning time. The advancement of pre-reading and writing skills development is becoming one of the areas that many early childhood teachers are focusing on and the alphabet recognition is very well memorize by each child at the end of the school year.
             Kindergarteners have many requisite skills, which are advancing them on pre-reading and writing; it has become one of the many areas that early childhood teachers are focusing more and challenging young children. Most of the students of age two, three, and four emerge literacy and letter recognition skills, so by the age of five or six they will find how to read more easily. In order to be successful in learning to teach children to read, student s should have knowledge of the alphabet, phonological awareness, letter-sound correspondence, and some experience of writing as a form of communication. Letter recognition can be taught through many ways such as manipulating letters in sand, or corn meal, recognizing name of friends and family members, and asking children to distinguish one letter from another by its shape and spatial features. Labeling objects in the classroom, the students will be able to familiarize the word and will be able to use them as sight words.
             The Early Literary and Learning Model have six concepts that they focus minimum of one hour a day. The concepts include read aloud, independent reading, oral language, phonological awareness, letter and sound knowledge, and development of print concepts.

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