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Manual and Electronic Scheduling

            In the world today, technology is an imperative part of our lives and hard to function without for most. Technology is the new era in our current generation. Instead of doing things manually, the computer has always been my first option. Computers are convenient, combined with the internet, they can be a great asset to us and we have achieved a lot from them. Although computers are nice to have, we have to think about the complications that they can bring upon us. Computers are liable to crash, shut down, or become subject to the intricacy of hackers. When doing things manually, you can never fail or have to depend on the computer. On the other hand, one has to take into consideration human errors and the need for excellent record keeping. It may take a lot of hard work to get things done manually, but it will always be a great back up to rely on. The only option to fully understand the benefits from either, would have to be discussing the pros and cons for both.
             There are pros and cons to electronic and manual scheduling. When scheduling electronically, for most, it is easy to use, convenient, and reduces the need for paperwork. Electronic scheduling is in popular demand. According to (Appointment-plus, 2012), "electronic/online scheduling gives the people the power to book their appointments online, it can generate automated emails and reminders reducing the need for clients to continually call to confirm their next appointment or an employee having to call clients on a daily basis to remind them, and the system can safely and securely store pertinent information while having the information readily available at ones fingertips". By having an electronic scheduling system, production is faster, human error is minimized, and workload is decreased. Thus, employees are less stressed, efficiency is increased, and some can find their work enjoyable. "Nurses now spend only 30 percent of their time on direct patient care, according to Linda Burnes Bolton, vice president of nursing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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