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Essay - Curious Incident of the Dog...

            The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is a fictional autobiographical/ murder mystery novel created by Mark Haddon, who crafts the central personality, voice, and protagonist Christopher Boone, as a unique and inimitable character who touches the heart of the reader. Haddon constructs a unique character through the characterization of a 15-year-old youth with Asperger's syndrome. This characterization enables the reader to cultivate a powerful and unique connection with Christopher. Through the character Christopher Boone, Haddon presents a unique perspective and emphasis on truth. The statement "I do not tell lies" indicates Christopher's unique obsession with truth. Haddon's uses of short, declarative statements effectively enable the audience to understand the relationship between Christopher and truth. The repetition of the words "and" and "then" convey the way Christopher observes detail and remembers events in the exact sequence that they occurred. .
             Haddon challenges the predetermined societal understanding of normality by constructing Christopher with a passion for advanced mathematics and equations. Haddon utilises first-person narration to provide insight into the ability of mathematics in influencing Christopher's behaviour, through his frequent use of difficult mathematical equations as a coping strategy. Through Christopher's internal dialogue, Haddon regularly incorporates graphics and diagrams to convey Christopher's inability to verbally communicate, and his preference to elaborate through geometrically correct diagrams. Christopher's needing to construct a diagram of the street outline of the train station and surrounding streets to be able to feel comfortable enough to enter the train station demonstrate this.
             The character of Christopher Boone undermines the typical mannerisms of relationships through a strong and unconventional relationship with his teacher Siobhan.

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