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The Lottery and Mending Wall

            Our traditions go about as a compass for our human connections and individual collaborations, the subjective encounters of our family life, and eventually, the advancement of social orders. As we respect traditions, so we figure out how to respect ourselves and one another. The poem "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost and the short story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson both contain cases of apparently foolish customs. The considered individuals are doing something illogically, just to mollify the continuation of something that was finished by their ancestors appears to be absurd unless there is a positive result from their activities. The inquiry is the thing that outcomes are sufficiently sure to experience the exertion. This implies that as time advances a few traditions should blur while others should stay brilliant despite the fact that the motivation behind the "why" may not generally be obvious. .
             A terrific sample of a custom that should blur with time originates from "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. Through this story, one discovers that the deciding after effect of the lottery, which is played by the town people, is the demise of one of their nationals. There are clues all through the story to clarify why the lottery is played in the town. The most pervasive clarification is given by a character named Old Man Warner who said, "Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon" (Jackson 31). This demonstrates the most sensible clarification for this current bunch's interest in the tradition; they call the lottery, is to build the yield of their crops through human penance. This sounds frightful to the present day ear in light of the fact that human penance is not simply glared upon; it is deserving of punishment by the government in many parts of the world. In a less cultivated time, notwithstanding, the penance appears to be sensible. Sacrifice one life, once every year, to have a harvest that can nourish the town as the year progressed.

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