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Commemorating My Mother

            I speak from experience when I say a mother's love for her child is undeniably the strongest emotion in the human soul. My mother is like no other; she is incredibly fun, she is incredibly funny, she is incredibly loving, but more than anything, she is most honest to herself. And yes, although at times she can be embarrassing in front of my friends and family, her uncanny ability to be the coolest, most loving, and most inspiring person I have and will ever meet in life makes her the greatest role model in the world. Good afternoon, my name is Alex Wu and today, I would like to take the necessary time to praise the most deserving woman in my life, my mother, whose willpower and perseverance is like that of a tugboat, whose loyalty and support is like that of a faithful dog, and whose love is like that of the raging Niagara Falls. .
             The willpower and perseverance my mother has reminds me of that of a tugboat. No matter the situation, the pressure, the struggle, my mother always seems to find a way to make it through, to conquer. And to put into context, my mother had the farthest thing from an "easy" life. Growing up in Vietnam and coming to America through boat with her five siblings at the age of 13, my mother endured things no teenager should have. Whether it been swimming in pitch-black ocean water to hide from pirates, barely scraping by on small desolate islands for days until she and her siblings could be rescued. Everyday she had and still has her faith and optimism despite being tested by many obstacles. But not once did my mother break, not once did she quit, not once did she lose faith in herself. Her willpower is understatement in regards to her selflessness, for she always placed her children above herself. She never hesitated to sacrifice sleep or her own personal time to cater to her children and to always be there for them. Not one day do I look back and not aspire to be as resilient as my mother.

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