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I Love Lucy, Too

             General purpose statement: To commemorate.
             Specific Purpose statement: To commemorate Lucille Ball because she was a brave and brilliant woman.
             Gained Attention and interest: Sometimes when people become famous they misplace their personal identity among the chaos and develop into the person the media has described them as, which much of the time isn't her true self (concrete words). .
             Introduced topic clearly: This was one route that Lucille Ball could have taken, but instead she took the road with no dust; the road people rarely take (antithesis). She turned herself in to more than the sex symbol she started out as; she became the off the wall comedienne who won the hearts of Americans of all races, all social classes, and all cultures (repetition). Lucy is most celebrated for her role in the TV show "I Love Lucy" as the scatterbrained housewife who could turn everyday chores into unparalleled fiascoes with her comic energy, panache for slapstick, and gift for vocal parody. Lucy had two character traits that made her difficult to forget, bravery and brilliance (alliteration).
             Lucy's fearless attitude kept her on top during the sunny times and kept her head up during the cloudy times (repetition). The bravery that Lucy showed wasn't evident to all because she kept her professional mind-set throughout the highs and lows of her career. She was brave because she went through rheumatoid arthritis as a child, which took her ability to walk as a child for one year; she was brave because she endured a miscarriage and even though the media made that into a public affair, she kept her head up; she was brave because after divorcing her co-host and business partner she bought his half of their Hollywood production company and went into business for herself. Lucy placed a silk scarf down on the borders that had confined women for centuries and gracefully yet confidently walked across.

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