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Short Story - Tell Me Your Story

            The dawn turned night into day, cold air breeze splattered right through my window. I can hear the birds chattering and my clock ticking. It's 5 o'clock when I woke up in the morning, September 27, 2057. "Today is another special day," I muttered, so I get off of my bed and put on my glasses. I was supposed to hear noise from every corner of my house, but there's no noise at all, it's a total silence instead. I am expecting something for today but I am all alone, nobody's home except for the housemaids. With a bit of disappointment drawn in my face, I took a blanket, get into my comfy chair and picked one book on. Special day? Is that it? Well maybe I made them forget, or maybe this is all I got. Here I go again, at times when I'm all alone, I continue to read this book, trying to draw a blank on what day is it. Well intimately, this book has a never fading scheme. The usual thing, I shed tears, laughter and fulfillment whenever I read every line from this book. A couple of hours rolled and I almost catch some Z's not until I overheard someone knocked on my door. I, so opened it and saw a young girl, with messy hair, scratch clothes and pale appearance. I let her in and offered a hot soup and food. We did have some chitchat and learned that her name is Lucy and she was lost, not literarily lost but she lost her life after she lost her parents due to an accident. I can see myself when I was in her age, hit by painful experiences. I was prompted in a way when we continue talking about her life, I also want to share something to her. .
             "Sweetie, would you like to hear a story?" I gently asked. She endearingly nodded and ravenously continued to eat the food and listened.
             "So it is about a girl, who was once like you, lost. It was because she lost her brother due to an accident too. She was once an optimistic girl, full of wishes and dreams, long before her brother passed away.

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