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Family Law and Same Sex Relationships in Australia

             Currently in the Australian Media a major ethical and political debate about same sex relationship rights has been brought to light from the recent referendum in Ireland passing gay marriage. There has been a number of changes not only in Australia's views but this has realised through Australian legislation. A number of these changes have been in the areas of: Property, Medical Rights, Superannuation Rights and Taxation legislation, there was also attempt of Gay Marriage in ACT.
             Background Information on Same Sex Marriage in Australia.
             The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) recently passed state legislation to supposably give the right of marriage to same sex individuals, despite the overwhelming support for this change, it was overridden by the superior Federal legislation in the constitution that define marriage as the "Voluntary union for life, between one man and one woman" which nullified the ACT's state legislation. .
             Property .
             This lack of marriage rights isn't the only inequality faced by same sex couples within Australia, the Same Sex Entitlements Report found that prior to 2006 that Australia's legislation regarding same sex individuals breached The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on approximately 56 counts. Although most of these breaches have been removed/amended since the report in 2006, the government is still addressing the area of inequality for recognition of the rights of same sex couples. The most significant response in the recognition of same sex relationships the Australian Legal System has implemented is to change the terminology within current legislation. Providing same sex couples with their rights as a human being without discrimination against them due to their sexuality. The government's most important change in terminology was a successful attempt to provide same sex couples with the same rights as heterosexual de-facto relationships.

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