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The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea

            In this ethnographic work of Annette Weiner, we discover the social and economical differences of this distinguished group of people. The trobrianders lived their lives in a much different sense. There life is centered on their Martilineage, and the philosophy of family is greatly sacred. The traditions of the trobrianders was of such high ordinance that even Malinkwoski had stated, there resilience o the trobiranders to cultural change. The social life of the trobrianders underlay on a focus for reputation and disguising. They believed that if they do not disguise there true feelings towards others, sorcery would be the consequence. Sorcery was a common fear that spread across many different taboos, in mourning ceremonies to not show your sadness towards the dead would imply you had part in the death. The belief of the islanders is that birth and death, both signify an interconnected meaning behind life. Through the youth cycle they experiment with their sexuality and their future spouse, and a signifying factor in each member is within the jewelry and necklaces. Different styles and colors would correlate the time of which one is ready for marriage, or at the time of death. As Weiner described the red-chama shell necklaces, indicated a women-entering adolescence. Marriage is among the most important aspects of a clan. This act of mating must occur between two, distinguished clans. When different clans come together and unite, it creates a new relationship between the two and therefore it is of great importance. Among the social and cultural aspects of the trobrianders, was there most essential economical product, Yams. The attention and value of yams are such degree, that it is preferred over money among many islanders. It's the most symbolical representation of wealth among the trobrianders, and its value is shown in many different ways. The Husband must accommodate all his belongings to purchase yams for his bride and create a yam garden; in other places men challenge others to a Yam competition, to see who has the largest.

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