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The Great Country of Canada

            It's been approximately 1,029 years since the original settlers stepped foot in the nation to our north that we now call Canada. In approximately 985 AD Norse Seamen landed far west from their intended destination of Greenland, and ended up in what is believed to be present day Labrador. About 15 years later the first European settlers came when Leif Ericson and his Norse explorers landed in what at the time they called "Vinland", which later on was determined to be one of the northernmost tips of Newfoundland. It wasn't until 1497 that an Italian named John Cabot rediscovered Canada in search of a new trade route for King Henry VII. This rediscovery lead to England's right by claim of Newfoundland, Cape Breton Islands, as well as various neighboring regions. What started with these discoveries has lead to the country of Canada that we know today. When the Vikings, Ericson, and Cabot all came across to North America and present day Canada all of the land was untouched by humans with the exception of the land used by the Natives because they were the first Europeans to touch foot on this land. Over the course of time a lot has changed and the land has been developed and all across Canada there are very large cities and other urban areas dispersed amongst the country. However much of the natural geography of Canada still remains which makes Canada an ideal location for tourists who admire nature. The geography of Canada varies from coast to coast, and Canadian culture is influenced across the country based on the surrounding geography.
             One of the most important provinces in all of Canada in terms of trading is the closest province to Plattsburgh, and that's Quebec. Quebec is essential to trade in Canada because of all of the rivers and waterways that go through the province allow for easy transportation throughout the country. Waterways such as the St. Lawrence River allow trade to come in from Europe and come to Montreal, which is Canada's leading industrial city due to its location, and also allows for traders and ships to connect to the Ottawa River to deliver goods to the nations capital.

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