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The Best Day

            Getting assigned this topic really made me think, "What song or movie is truly most meaningful to me"? Right away, a few songs came to mind, "Drive", by Alan Jackson, "Live Like you Were Dying", by Tim McGraw and "Cats In The Cradle", by Harry Chapin; however, while searching the lyrics on the Internet, I came across the song, "The Best Day" by George Straight. I actually had never heard this song before. While listening to it, it brought tears to my eyes because these words fit my dad and me perfectly. .
             The song, "The Best Day", is told through the father's eyes as he reflects on best days of his life. As the song progresses, the son grows from childhood to adolescence and then adulthood, and then the song is told through the sons eyes and how the special times like getting his own wheels and learning to drive are "the best day of his life". Eventually moving on to getting married and that being "the best day of his life.
             The first verse is about a father-son campout when he was only seven feeling like he was in seventh heaven. The son says, that is "the best day of his life." This couldn't relate to my dad and me more. Since I was a little boy we have had our own time together fishing, hunting, camping, riding dirt bikes, driving in the desert and just having father-son talks. It has always been our special time together and times that we often reflect on and talk about how amazing they were. And they were "the best days of my life".
             The second verse shows how the young boy grows into a teenager, getting a drivers license and his father gets him his first car. My dad and I have the best memories of me getting my first car. First of all, my dad loves buying and selling cars and is very good at it. So, for about six months, my dad was on the Internet searching for a car for me. At the time, I was only 15, but my dad wanted me to learn how to drive a standard car and have plenty of time practicing.

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