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best day

             Just like everyone else, I have had many great days. This one I"m about to tell you about is definitely one of the best. It was the day that I won the rifle state championship.
             I have put a lot of effort into rifle. A lot of tears, sweat, blood, time, traveling, and training has brought me to my current status. I have always wanted to be the best. I wanted to be unstoppable. While all of my friends and classmates were out having fun and getting into trouble, I was at the range honing my skills so I could accomplish my dreams. I thought my dreams were shattered earlier in the day of the competition. I severely sprained my ankle. I could barely walk. It happened in gym class during volleyball. I jumped and came down on it funny with all of my weight. It hurt really bad. I went to the nurse, but as usual, she was out of her office, getting lunch or something during second period. I thought that this would ruin my chances of even placing in the top 10.
             This was a marvelously sunny, warm, winter afternoon. I had found one of my friends in school, and gotten her keys off of her so I could take her car so I wouldn't have to walk all the way to my car, which was in the pit. So I drove over to the middle school. I loaded my equipment into the vans and we drove off. There were four of us - Devra Harvey, a senior, Danny Baker, a sophomore and the two juniors me, and Alex Leckie. During the whole van ride, I don't think any of us said one word. We were focused on our shooting. We got there with plenty of time to get set up and relax. After about 30 minutes of relaxing, we started to get ready to shoot. I got ready and waited for the start command. The command was given and I started. I shot X, after X, after X. To my right was Danny, a great friend and teammate. He was also shooting for the state title. Behind me was John Husk - he was a great coach who taught me a lot. The smell of gunpowder was sweet to my nose.

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