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Baking Cookies with my Grandkids

            At least once a month my grandchildren and I head into the kitchen to bake oatmeal cookies. I have four grandchildren but only three are in the kitchen helping me, because the fourth one is a five month old baby. All three of my grandchildren have a part in preparing the oatmeal cookies. I let all three of my grandchildren help because this is our time together, and I want each one of them to feel special and loved. Manny my oldest grandson gathers all the bowels, and spoons, and pass out the aprons and white hats we wear while baking.
             I gather all the ingredients, and measure them out as following:.
             1 cup of shortening.
             1 cup of sugar.
             1 cup of light brown sugar.
             2 eggs.
             2 tbsp. milk.
             11/2 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract.
             11/2 cup of all purpose flour.
             1 tsp. baking soda.
             Pinch of salt.
             4 cups 100% Whole Grain Old Fashion Oatmeal.
             1cup of pecans.
             1cup of raisins .
             I let my granddaughter Cherry turn on the oven and she knows to set the temperature to 375°F. She is a experienced cook at five years old so I know she knows what she's doing. I don't have to check behind her. She looks like a real short woman in her white apron, and chef hat, and she really gets a thrill out of turning the oven on to warm. She smiles every time, and I give her a nod of approval. While waiting for the oven to warm we gather around the table where I pre-measured the ingredients for the cookies, and each one of my grandchildren Manny, Cherry, and Tobias take a cup of the ingredients and pour it into the big cooking bowl. My grandson Manny stirs all the ingredients together. Then each one of them take a spoon and drop a row of cookie dough on the sprayed cookie sheet I have prepared. After my grandchildren have filled the cookie sheet I place the filled cookie sheet into the hot oven. .
             Seven minutes after the cookies are in the oven the smell of cookies cooking fill the air. It's a magical monment for all of us. The anticipation of the finished product is all over the children faces.

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