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The Pain of Physical Separation

            At an early age, I had learned that being physically separated from a person doesn't necessarily break the relationship bonds of love. My parents and I moved away from India to America at a when I was just learning to recognize the different relationships that entwined me and affected me everyday activities. I was away from my family members by hundreds and hundreds of miles and therefore the geographic distance and dad's work limited my communication and interaction with them. .
             For many families like mine, family life just seems to be spinning out of control due to increasingly busy parents and demands of dual careers as well as the plentiful of outside activities all leave hardly any time for parents to share with their kids. In such cases, grandparents can have a hue impact on the growth of a child growing up in midst of a busy family. Most of my classmates live nearby their family members and I would routinely hear multiple stories of the times they went fishing at Grandpa's house and had a cookout over at grandma's for her delicious entrees and absolutely warm and savory chocolate chip cookies. I wasn't able to do these things with my grandparents, as all four of them are overseas hundreds of miles away but in the past few years, I have been lucky enough to come across Grandpa Jai, who positively influenced my life in many ways.
             Grandpa Jai was my savior and absolutely wonderful grandparent for any child to have. When I moved to Bloomsburg, I didn't really have anyone to look up to whenever mom and dad were busy with their lives and soon after I met Grandpa Jai during a prayer ceremony in Scranton. Grandpa Jai was the father of dad's best friend and the grandparent of one of my best friends. I wasn't as well acquainted with him at first, but gradually became close to him due to us meeting and talking at the prayer ceremonies as well as his house. Grandpa Jai had a lot to teach to the younger generation and showed a great deal of knowledge that can enrich a child's life, which is what I loved most about him.

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