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Divorce And Crisis Intervention

             Marriage is a significant relationship that represents love, belonging, security, and .
             Many people enter into this life long relationship although statistics show .
             that marital separation equals nearly half of weddings performed each year (Project .
             Care 2002). A dissolved marriage can leave several victims of grief because of the pain .
             and disappointment of the relationship. Divorce is an emotional experience that may .
             lead to depression, unhappiness, and anger.
             The emotional impact of divorce is considered to be a crisis second only to death of a .
             spouse (Berry 1). Many experts believe that divorce is a form of loss that causes grief .
             throughout the separation (Deits 7). The individuals involved tend to feel a sense of .
             failure, blame, jealousy, and resentment (UMCP 2002). A person may loose their .
             identity in roles as parents, workers, and caretakers (UMCP 2002). Some of the more .
             common reasons for divorce are the partner's age at the time of the marriage, the length .
             of the courtship, social class, finances, infidelity, education, and place of residence .
             (Project Care 2002).
             During the beginning of the divorce process a person may feel shocked or .
             overwhelmed (Deits 46). Experts believe that at this stage a person has a brief time to .
             rest and assess their feelings (Berry 27). The divorcee could spend time reading about .
             coping with the separation or join a support group (Berry 27). This may eliminate the .
             confusion in making major decisions. It is suggested that the divorcee keep a journal of .
             questions and answers, speak into a tape recorder, or visit a therapist (Allison 26). Those .
             who overlook this stage of a divorce may later experience bitterness, violence and .
             depression (Berry 24).
             After the first two weeks of a major loss a person may experience denial and .
             withdrawal (Project Care 2002). The actual separation is thought to be temporary or not .
             happening (Berry 26).

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