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Nothing to Live for

            Almost all of us in the world have been touched by suicide at one point in our life. Either we have had a dear loved one commit suicide or we ourselves have thought on occasions about committing or attempting suicide. No matter what the circumstances, we all want to know why suicide? Why does a man or a woman think that it is easier to end his or her life instead of facing his or her problems? What can we do to help prevent suicide? Today, all around the world, young ones are the most common to contemplate taking their lives and they, in turn, need drastic help.
             These days, suicides can range from five years old to about twenty-five years old. It is terrible to think that a child as young as five years old feels he or she has a reason to take his or her life, but young ones do. There are a bunch of reasons for a young boy or girl to commit suicide. However, every child is different and every child has to face a different problem each day. These problems included lack of self- confidence, lack of trust, lack of self-control or even lack of love, which is the most common reason for suicide in a young person's life.
             When there is lack of love, loneliness starts to take over. Young ones feel that if they do not have love, they have no reason to be around other people. In return, they think other people do not want to be around them, as well. True, it sounds complicated, but if a person puts himself inside the shoes of a lonely teenager, that person would fully comprehend what the teenager is going through. It is a difficult thing for a teenager to think that no one cares for him or her.
             From time to time, young ones feel that their own parents do not love and care for them. This is one of the hardest things teens have to cope with. Most of the time, the parents do love and care for their child, but they do not know how to express it. In a book called Youth Suicide - Depression and Loneliness, it comments, "Any adult who really cares about and is interested in young people can become a very important person to a teenager.

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