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             "World population exceeded six billion in 1999 - doubling from three billion in 1960 - and is currently increasing by 80 to 85 million people each year." (http://www.global-issues.net/In_Depth/pop1.htm). The population of the world is growing with an incredible rate that it had taken until 1800 to reach the world population to one billion. However with the current rate of growth one billion people are added to the planet in every twelve years. (http://www.sph.umich.edu/pfps/fproledw.html). Rapid population growth may seem as simple as an increase in the number of people but in fact, it has many impacts on many aspects of our lives. From social aspects like health, education and employment to ecological aspects like water, food, and the environment, over population enacts as burden on the life of the people. This astonishing growth of population has many reasons such as an increase in the importance of hygiene which had a direct impact on wiping out some of the diseases and bacteria, advances in nutrition as well as in health care, diminishing in the number of wars and also every day developments in technology that makes the life of the people easier and safer. The reasons of the growth only help us look back and examine the past. .
             However the issues on this subject that should have the priority of being discussed are the consequences of this growth and the precautions that should be taken in order to avoid those outcomes. Scarcity is one of the major outcomes of the rapid population growth. Our planet has plenty of resources of food, water and fuel but they are not infinite. Consequently some day the resources of the world will not be enough for the people who live on it. Also these resources are not evenly distributed on the planet so in .
             some regions of the world scarcity and starvation have already started to affect people's lives. Besides scarce resources of the planet, the uncontrolled growth of the population has a direct effect on the life standards of the people.

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