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another reason to live

             If you said this novel wouldn't interest you at all because there's a bird in the front and you think it is all about a bird, well you haven't read it yet. Your right in one part, it is about a bird, but there's more about just a bird in this novel. If you like the novels were they show you the importance of live and doing what you like; you"ll like to read this novel.
             This novel shows a story about a seagull looking for other things in live rather than an ordinary live. As you all know seagulls live for the food, for just getting the food from the sea. Well Jonathan Livingston Seagull is one of them. But he discovers that there is more to a seagull to do in life. He found others reasons to live. He found that he can fly faster, higher, and in the dark. He wanted to be better than the rest by doing new things that other seagulls don't do. The other seagulls don't give him attention because he was point as an Outcast. What's interesting of this novel is that he never gives up and continues trying until he got it right. He always fought for what he wanted.
             When you finish reading this novel you"ll learn that we should all fight for our goals even if they are difficult. We should not give up, and continue looking for more reason to live. We have a long live with all the time we want for us to discover and learn new things. All we have to do is follow our dreams and happiness; and be the best of it. .

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