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            Napoleon is single-handedly the reason that the French Revolution took the course that it did. Who would have guessed that a child born into the noble class on the island of Corsica could have rose to power of such amazing heights in the short time it took? Who would have guessed that this single person would be written down in every single history book being considered a genius in military tactics and leading a nation to an empire? By spreading the idea of nationalism throughout Europe (which unfortunately backfired on him) and trying to create a worldwide French empire, it is obvious that Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most important figures in the past 3,500 years that our human race has existed. .
             The importance of Napoleon not only to France but the entire world cannot be summed up in just one word. In an article by Steven Kreis entitled "Europe and the Superior Being: Napoleon," Steven claims that the French Revolution is what caused Napoleon to be the man that he has been known as for the past few centuries. he also writes that he had a "passion for power" as well as a "genius for leadership." (http://library.thinkquest.org/17120/data/bios/users/napoleon2/page_1.html) His training in military school and experience in wars during the French Revolution gave him the potential to shape him to become a strong, powerful leader, which is just what he was. This is where his importance to the French at his time lies. With each year in his life came a new opportunity to invade, colonize, and annex. It all began when he was able to drive British forces out of Toulon in 1793 at age 24. He soon commanded the French army of Italy where he started a campaign against the Austrians and his talent was strongly presented. He then attacked British commerce in Egypt by going to Cairo with his troops. Though defeated at the Battle of the Nile, Napoleon did not give up in the least bit. He soon made up for this loss in 1799 when he overthrew the Directory, the reason for the financial problems and political unrest of France.

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